Demystifying the Myths About Male Enhancements Drugs

Men of all ages are on a constant quest on how to acquire the winning pride of satisfactory sexual performance. Male enhancement drugs filled-in the need within the gap. However, there is no clear notion of how male enhancement pills works. People, men, in particular, buy on the baseless beliefs, myths we call them, to satisfy their curiosity. To name a few, keep reading.

Myth #1: Male Enhancement Pills Can Enlarge the Penis

No drug can actually increase the size of your wiener. Male enhancement drug can give the sensation of “enlarge” penis, this is because it triggers a boost of blood flow in the nerve endings of your penis. Nonetheless, a pill can never ever increase the measurement of penis apparently, well, unless you go under a surgery.


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Myth #2: Alternative or Natural-Based Drug Means Less Effective

Many naysayers disprove the effectivity of the natural male enhancers, well, in fact, research validate its efficiency comparable to the over-the-counter synthetic pills. Studies after studies justify significant results about the effectiveness of natural-based male enhancers, especially for those men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes.


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Myth #3: Men Who are Engaged with Physical Activity Do Not Need Male Enhancers

Experts believe that men may opt to take male enhancing supplements. “Physically Fit” person per se are susceptible wavering blood circulation. This results to stiffed muscles, cramps, and weak joints. Male enhancers aid to supply amount of blood that is necessary for sex drive and performance. So, regardless whether you keep your healthy routine at par, you need a little boost to keep your sexual performance on a satisfactory level.

Myths and misconception are part of the business’ business. So you need to be skeptical and vigilant on the idea that marketers advertise. Again, for synthetic drugs like Viagra, it is important to have a consultation. However, if you want to take a hassle-free path, go for the natural-based enhancers.

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10 Sex Drive Myths Debunked


We all come to a point when we buy on some funny ideas about sex drive and or sex in general.

But as we age, those ideas became absurd and pointless. Still, those “myths” keep haunting us until we set these straight. Today, we’re going to decrypt the top 10 sex drive myths that repeatedly schooled us.


  1. A Cold Showed Whipped Out Sex Drive

It has been believed that taking a cold a shower before doing the deed can ruin your sex drive. Cold shower assumed to decrease testosterone and estrogen levels for both men and women respectively. However, a study for Thrombosis has proven that taking a cold shower can actually stimulate libido as it increases the sexual hormones for both men and women.



  1. Woman’s Orgasm comes naturally

Many people expect too much because of pornography. More often than not, a person does not achieve orgasm through intercourse. In a scientific perspective, women in particular, often fake orgasms. Regardless of the penis size or preferred sex position. When the clitoris was hit by an indirect pressure, the nerve endings send signals to the brain that suggests climatic arousal. To shorten the story, it takes two to tango for a woman to reach its peak.



  1. Race is a Good Indicator of Man’s Sexual Competence

While some races take pride with these rumors, there is no solid scientific basis to support this notion. A study made by Royal Hallamshire Hospital ditch this egoistic whim. The study proves that man’s physical endowment has nothing to do with his race, creed or color. Hence, much more on the genes that determine a man’s capacity or power.



  1.  Aphrodisiac Works Like Magic

There are endless debates that trying to prove the effectivity of “natural aphrodisiacs”. An article posted online profoundly explained the probability of effectiveness with regards to natural boosting foods. Article here. Experts agree that these aphrodisiacs have very little to NO effect on man’s libido. It is mere the placebo effect that men experience.



  1. Oral Sex is Safer than doing Anal and Vaginal Sex

STDs or the Sexually Transmitted Disease is rampant anywhere in the world. However, this not in any case supports the notion that it can only transmit through contemporary way (Anal & Vaginal). Technically, doing oral sex, the couple exchange fluids. So, yes! You are at risk for STD.

  1. Viagra is The Answer

Viagra is a synthetic male enhancement supplements. It is widely sold as part of medication for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). More info here. But recent studies argue the side effects of this pill. Men should not take for granted their health for the sake of solid erection. There are numerous alternatives that outwit Viagra. Click here for a recommendation.



  1. Premature Ejaculation Only Concerns Young Men

Many believe that premature ejaculation is an issue that boys only concern about. However, experts reiterated that men in 30s share the same sentiments. This is due the inevitable stimulants that are present in the environment- fatigue, poor cardiovascular conditioning, depression, anxiety, or neurological symptoms.



  1. Thinking of Someone Else During Sex is Atrocious

90% of sexually active men would agree that their imagination will bring them to another person besides the person on top. Statistics illustrates that men fantasize other women besides the person he’s sharing the deed with. Most of them think about friends, coworkers and even imaginary persona (Betty Boop is included in the long list).



  1. STD is Unlikely to Happen When You’re in Water

Sex experts and doctors agreed that this myth should be cleared out. Couples who are fond of doing the deed in the water are more likely to get infected by STD. Thing is water washes away the natural lubricant of the genitals, causing more friction. This friction causes tears in the vagina, that  bacteria and viruses can enter. Using condoms, on the other hand, is pointless as it can be distorted by heat, chlorine and oil-based substances in the water (bubble bath or sunscreen). But if you’re determined to do so, go for a silicone-based lubricant that can last longer.



  1.   Men Can’t Have Multiple Orgasms

Many believed that guys can do one shot kill when it comes to achieving orgasm. However, sexologist ditch the idea regardless if your man have physical limitations on how quickly he can produce sperm. A guy can achieve multiple orgasms on repeat if you know the trick. Now listen ladies, here’s how you do it: Bring your man to a close peak  and then ease off so he feels the toe-curling contractions of orgasm without releasing the battalion. Let your man notify you when he’s about to blow up and gently squeeze the head of his wiener and pull it back. Do some foreplay for about a minute just to let him cool down but not long enough to lose his erection. Then repeat chorus until he begs for more.

People have been doing erotic things since the primitive time, but we’re just starting to understand it. This top ten list can help each and everyone for more healthy and satisfying sex life.

Have fun and see you on my next post.