7 Ancient Sex Tricks That Never Gets Old

Here are some awesome Kama Sutra moves, plus other titillating techniques that have stood the test of time.


“ Like sex, this passionate kiss can alternate between soft and hard to increase the intensity”

There was a treasured love of sex tips written B.C that is just hot as the ones you can find today. For thousand years, fun, fearless females have been dipping into passion-charged how-to manuals from the Far East. The best news about these millennia-old erotic moves: You don’t have to be a sex high priestess to pull them off. From stimulating kisses to otherworldly oral sex positions, the lusty history lesson starts now.

What makes this kama sutra tongue-tango technique hotter than your average lip lock is that simulates intercourse, says Nitya Lacroix, author of The Women’s Kama Sutra. To do it, place your lips fully over your man’s and slowly, softly thrust your tongue in and out, stroking his tongue, his teeth, and the roof of his mouth. Like sex, this kiss can alternate between soft and hard to increase intensity. Then let your gun take the lead. Go back and forth for a few minutes before sensually tracing the outside of his lips with your tongue for the finale.

From India’s ancient tantric tradition around 7000 years ago, comes a move that gives your guy twice the sensation down south. Through the massage, your dissolving tension in his pelvic area,or healing the vajra (penis),  to allow for a bigger orgasm (I bet they use some male enhancement back in the days).” begin by having your guy lay on his back, legs slightly spread. Rub some lube on your fingers between the first and second knuckle, massage his perineum- the inward dip that’s halfway between his scrotum and his buns- while you use your other hand to stroke his penis from the base to the tip. Move both hands at the same speed. The combination will send a trembling sensation up his pelvis.

This difficult-to-date ancient technique may or may not have its origins in Asia.Its name is a variation of the french word for the pump because you’re literally putting your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, says Patti Britton Ph.D., a clinical sexologist in Los Angels. In Japan, geishas also employed these PC strengthening tactics by placing jade balls about an inch in diameter inside their vaginas and holding them in. the sexy setup: use your vaginal muscles to tighten and release your guy’s penis as he’s thrusting inside you. For a modern twist, do this frisky flex while your guy goes down on you- but start slow. The real power in this move doesn’t come from the speed but from the strength of your muscles, says Britton. The stronger they are the more powerful your orgasm will be.

When scholars refer to the sexual kung fu the 3000-year-old Taoist traditions, they’re really talking about delaying your guy’s ejaculation. By building up arousal, he’ll open himself up to more sensational orgasms and last longer in bed. To try it wrap your hands, one on top of the other around his penis. Then make gentle spirals up the hot shaft with each hand going in opposite directions. Or place your right hand at the top of his penis and your left hand at the base and make the same circular motions, again moving your hands in opposite directions and drawing them closer until they meet in the middle. Then slowly rub his shaft with both palms for a minute. The idea is to bring him close to climax, downshift, then repeat the special so you’re teasing out his time in ecstasy.

The Kama Sutra’s congress of the cow sex pose earned its name because you and your man simulate the mating postures and sounds of cattle. Start off by standing up, then place your palms on the ground, bending your knees slightly. Your guy should enter you from behind, wrapping an arm around your waist. This move elevates your buttocks and allows him to thrust downward so the pressure of his penis can stimulate your clitoris on the inside. He’ll make g-spot contact as well. Place pillows under your hands for more support on your way to seventh heaven.

Tantra (a.k.a the yoga of love) relaxes and energizes your body. In the ancient Tiber, illustrations showed deities in this tantric pose seeking sexual nirvana. Have your guy try to sit in the traditional lotus position (cross-legged with each heel atop the opposite knee). Facing him, sit in his lap and mount him, with your legs around his waist. Embrace each other and lock lips with a shared breath, so that as you exhale your guy inhales and vice versa. As you breathe in, rock your pelvis back and tighten your vaginal muscles around him. As you exhale, rock your pelvis forward and release. Your guy should mirror your movements. The payoff-” deeper intimacy and mind-blowing climax.

From the south, pacific comes a Tahitian tongue technique that gives a slight geometric shift in your man’s mouth action. Lay on your back with your feet firmly planted on the bed and your knees pointed toward the ceiling. Have your guy slide his head under your knees below the triangles you’re making with your legs so he can lay perpendicular to your body. Then have him lick your clitoris from left to right- not up and down- alternating between fast and slow. Women who tried this method had more intense orgasms and some had their very first.

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Why Men Cheat?



Infidelity is common like a common cold. This is a natural phenomenon that is accepted as a universal truth. Scientifically speaking, monogamy is not considered normal. (Barash, et al., 2001) Roughly 3% of all mammals, including humans practice monogamy or pair bonding.

Over million of years ago, polygamy is considered to be an effective reproductive strategy. Simply saying, the more partner you linked to, the more offspring are likely to produce. Like investing in stocks, it is better to invest in multiple stocks that putting all your resources in a single stock.

A marriage counselor by the name of Gary Neuman release a conclusive data, wherein he figuratively gives denomination to the reasons of infidelity among men.

According to him, 66% of men, experience a feeling of guilt during the affair. It is not a feeling of “want” but mostly of a “need”. Neuman coined term compartmentalizing of feelings that men deal in the latter part of the situation. This notion describes men as futile when it comes to cheating. 77% of cheating men are associated with the same flock of cheaters, so to speak. Most of these men sporting in bars and nightclubs. 40% of men found their cheating partner in the office, where they spent most of their time. 12% of men debunk the idea that cheating equates better sex with “better” (physically attractive) woman. Cheating occurs because men are in need of affirmation. 6% of the entire populace will go for a one night stand while the remaining 73% will take a month before the green light.

So, let’s unbox the real deal why men resort to cheating.

  • Men avoid intimacy

Men are fond of putting distance when it comes to a relationship. The truth of the matter is, men will sex you up and then gone the next. In this manner, they can avoid any emotional attachment and the responsibilities it entails.

  • Men crave for intimacy

I know, this is a bit confusing for women. But hear me out first, Dr. Morse, a sex expert explained that when a relationship gets too comfortable, men tend to lose its interest and go search for something exciting- outside the relationship.

  • Men need to boost their sex drive

Over 90% of men populace agreed and laughed as though their best-kept secret had just been revealed. “Men need a mental challenge”. By which men, needs to go somewhere unfamiliar and release their curiosity.

  • Men want to take control

Dr. Saltz, a psychiatrist believed that men want to control and obtain power when it comes to the relationship. And cheating puts the ball back into their court.

Every woman on this planet has a fair share of a story of infidelity. I know many of these ladies  will think that the reasons mentioned above are pure lame and pointless. However, this post is not intended to prove what is morally right or wrong. All of these were derived from scientific research and statistics provided by the experts.

Please comment below what you think about why men cheat.