Sexual Arousal, Whats going on?

Although it’s the most natural thing in the world, sexual arousal is fairly complex process. Its stages are not automatic. Just because you start the ball rolling, so to speak, doesn’t mean you’re going to glide through to step 4 without a glitch. It takes a steady stream of excitement and stimulation to move from one step to another.

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Reaching genuine orgasm can be tricky most of the time. That’s why men resort to taking pills such as iRexion and the likes. Taking natural boosting supplements, which most of the men prefer, will instantly give them the kick and drive to satisfying sexual performance. It’s always a win-win for both parties.


Scene Behind the Curtains of Adult Industry


Wonder what happens behind the porn scene? The porn industry is a billion dollar industry. Shelley Lubben, a porn star from the 90s, uncovered the realities in the sexy business. According to her, most women from this industry are either desperate for money or have been sexually abused. In this case, the porn production can be easily performed.

For the typical civilian porn stars are often depicted as sexual superheroes. We all guilty of that, since we are all doomed to this pastime. Men patrons, in particular, are avid of the appearance of each character. Not only they lurge to the curves and bumps of the female lead, but men also admit that they are envious of the male protagonist and the humongous penis that’s been attached to its body. These are how porn directors qualify a porn clip as fantastical.

Male performers juice up ED medicines. Many of which end up being dependent on them. Cialis is one of the drugs that these men are fixated on. These medicines make their wang look and feel solid as the rock. However, a report has been published that a 28-year-old porn performer who had been taking Cialis end up having an abnormal erection. He wasn’t able to manage or to stop for more than 12 hours straight. That unusual erection gives him a severe pain in his penis. This is a serious issue that this man needs to be rushed to the emergency room. This issue will not only put his health in jeopardy but also his career.

Relevant Source Keeping It Up in the Porn Industry

Male performers use ED drugs even without definition by prescription, because most of them don’t have erectile dysfunction, to begin with. There is a mad rush and it is likely to be abused. Come to think of it, the adult industry is there and will stay there whether we like it or not. One porn star recommends a male enhancement supplement that actually make your wang worked up without any harmful risks. iRexion male supplements are readily available for guys out there especially for those inside the adult industry without any prescription. Meaning, this is proven safe and FDA sealed. This is on the hype that is even used by ED and Diabetic patients. This will double your performance with no worries.

This is how a porn production being revealed by a male performers point-of-view. In summary, we honor all the people behind the adult curtain because we all owe something to them.


Demystifying the Myths About Male Enhancements Drugs

Men of all ages are on a constant quest on how to acquire the winning pride of satisfactory sexual performance. Male enhancement drugs filled-in the need within the gap. However, there is no clear notion of how male enhancement pills works. People, men, in particular, buy on the baseless beliefs, myths we call them, to satisfy their curiosity. To name a few, keep reading.

Myth #1: Male Enhancement Pills Can Enlarge the Penis

No drug can actually increase the size of your wiener. Male enhancement drug can give the sensation of “enlarge” penis, this is because it triggers a boost of blood flow in the nerve endings of your penis. Nonetheless, a pill can never ever increase the measurement of penis apparently, well, unless you go under a surgery.


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Myth #2: Alternative or Natural-Based Drug Means Less Effective

Many naysayers disprove the effectivity of the natural male enhancers, well, in fact, research validate its efficiency comparable to the over-the-counter synthetic pills. Studies after studies justify significant results about the effectiveness of natural-based male enhancers, especially for those men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes.


Read Pros and Cons in Using Male Enhancements for Diabetics


Myth #3: Men Who are Engaged with Physical Activity Do Not Need Male Enhancers

Experts believe that men may opt to take male enhancing supplements. “Physically Fit” person per se are susceptible wavering blood circulation. This results to stiffed muscles, cramps, and weak joints. Male enhancers aid to supply amount of blood that is necessary for sex drive and performance. So, regardless whether you keep your healthy routine at par, you need a little boost to keep your sexual performance on a satisfactory level.

Myths and misconception are part of the business’ business. So you need to be skeptical and vigilant on the idea that marketers advertise. Again, for synthetic drugs like Viagra, it is important to have a consultation. However, if you want to take a hassle-free path, go for the natural-based enhancers.

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Share your thoughts below. Deuces!

Things You Should Not Ask Your Partner


We’ve all gotten a little carried away in the heat of the moment, but asking the wrong things especially under the sheets, can bring even the best time to a screeching halt. I know, those raging hormones can make you say some absurd stuff. But for crying out loud, please dust off these questions out from your bedroom vocab. Consider these queries as the worst, taboo and illegal during your sexual play.

So without further adieu, here is our top 5 list.



  • “Is it in yet?”

Drop it like it’s a bomb and congratulations, you just killed my mood. Like seriously? Isn’t what we’re working on? We know that most men are seriously stressed about the size of their penis- so please, spare us. Even if you’re thinking it, don’t say it.



  • “Did your ex do this better?”

This is the most annoying question a man can ever hear in his lifetime. Because no matter how we answer, we’re likely to get in trouble. For all you know, ladies, our ex is a mere dead to us, so why bother to ask?




  • Do you find Kim K attractive?

Please don’t ask if the answer is pretty obvious. Unless you’re ready to hear us say, “yes” then by all means, shoot it. It doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t like you. It just simply means that our eyes serve its purpose.




  • “Was that the best sex you’ve ever had?”

Thing is, we are left with no option but to say, “yes”. Well and good, if you really an exceptional sex animal or we have to resort to lying. I’m pretty sure you and I will benefit if you opt not to ask this awkward question. In this sexual situation, please bear in mind that you either kill the mood or we are going to be killed.




  • “Can we talk?”

This is the most frightening question regardless who asks it. Most especially if this comes from your sex mate, girlfriend, wife or whoever you are dealing with in the sensual situation. Save your “serious business” later over coffee. Just never during sex. Let’s deal first with my business before your business. Got it? Good.

These are HUGE no-nos. Truth is, whether you fancy yourself as a sexpert, everyone can benefit from this simple and pretty basic list. What do you think about these? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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10 Sex Drive Myths Debunked


We all come to a point when we buy on some funny ideas about sex drive and or sex in general.

But as we age, those ideas became absurd and pointless. Still, those “myths” keep haunting us until we set these straight. Today, we’re going to decrypt the top 10 sex drive myths that repeatedly schooled us.


  1. A Cold Showed Whipped Out Sex Drive

It has been believed that taking a cold a shower before doing the deed can ruin your sex drive. Cold shower assumed to decrease testosterone and estrogen levels for both men and women respectively. However, a study for Thrombosis has proven that taking a cold shower can actually stimulate libido as it increases the sexual hormones for both men and women.



  1. Woman’s Orgasm comes naturally

Many people expect too much because of pornography. More often than not, a person does not achieve orgasm through intercourse. In a scientific perspective, women in particular, often fake orgasms. Regardless of the penis size or preferred sex position. When the clitoris was hit by an indirect pressure, the nerve endings send signals to the brain that suggests climatic arousal. To shorten the story, it takes two to tango for a woman to reach its peak.



  1. Race is a Good Indicator of Man’s Sexual Competence

While some races take pride with these rumors, there is no solid scientific basis to support this notion. A study made by Royal Hallamshire Hospital ditch this egoistic whim. The study proves that man’s physical endowment has nothing to do with his race, creed or color. Hence, much more on the genes that determine a man’s capacity or power.



  1.  Aphrodisiac Works Like Magic

There are endless debates that trying to prove the effectivity of “natural aphrodisiacs”. An article posted online profoundly explained the probability of effectiveness with regards to natural boosting foods. Article here. Experts agree that these aphrodisiacs have very little to NO effect on man’s libido. It is mere the placebo effect that men experience.



  1. Oral Sex is Safer than doing Anal and Vaginal Sex

STDs or the Sexually Transmitted Disease is rampant anywhere in the world. However, this not in any case supports the notion that it can only transmit through contemporary way (Anal & Vaginal). Technically, doing oral sex, the couple exchange fluids. So, yes! You are at risk for STD.

  1. Viagra is The Answer

Viagra is a synthetic male enhancement supplements. It is widely sold as part of medication for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). More info here. But recent studies argue the side effects of this pill. Men should not take for granted their health for the sake of solid erection. There are numerous alternatives that outwit Viagra. Click here for a recommendation.



  1. Premature Ejaculation Only Concerns Young Men

Many believe that premature ejaculation is an issue that boys only concern about. However, experts reiterated that men in 30s share the same sentiments. This is due the inevitable stimulants that are present in the environment- fatigue, poor cardiovascular conditioning, depression, anxiety, or neurological symptoms.



  1. Thinking of Someone Else During Sex is Atrocious

90% of sexually active men would agree that their imagination will bring them to another person besides the person on top. Statistics illustrates that men fantasize other women besides the person he’s sharing the deed with. Most of them think about friends, coworkers and even imaginary persona (Betty Boop is included in the long list).



  1. STD is Unlikely to Happen When You’re in Water

Sex experts and doctors agreed that this myth should be cleared out. Couples who are fond of doing the deed in the water are more likely to get infected by STD. Thing is water washes away the natural lubricant of the genitals, causing more friction. This friction causes tears in the vagina, that  bacteria and viruses can enter. Using condoms, on the other hand, is pointless as it can be distorted by heat, chlorine and oil-based substances in the water (bubble bath or sunscreen). But if you’re determined to do so, go for a silicone-based lubricant that can last longer.



  1.   Men Can’t Have Multiple Orgasms

Many believed that guys can do one shot kill when it comes to achieving orgasm. However, sexologist ditch the idea regardless if your man have physical limitations on how quickly he can produce sperm. A guy can achieve multiple orgasms on repeat if you know the trick. Now listen ladies, here’s how you do it: Bring your man to a close peak  and then ease off so he feels the toe-curling contractions of orgasm without releasing the battalion. Let your man notify you when he’s about to blow up and gently squeeze the head of his wiener and pull it back. Do some foreplay for about a minute just to let him cool down but not long enough to lose his erection. Then repeat chorus until he begs for more.

People have been doing erotic things since the primitive time, but we’re just starting to understand it. This top ten list can help each and everyone for more healthy and satisfying sex life.

Have fun and see you on my next post.

Why Men Cheat?



Infidelity is common like a common cold. This is a natural phenomenon that is accepted as a universal truth. Scientifically speaking, monogamy is not considered normal. (Barash, et al., 2001) Roughly 3% of all mammals, including humans practice monogamy or pair bonding.

Over million of years ago, polygamy is considered to be an effective reproductive strategy. Simply saying, the more partner you linked to, the more offspring are likely to produce. Like investing in stocks, it is better to invest in multiple stocks that putting all your resources in a single stock.

A marriage counselor by the name of Gary Neuman release a conclusive data, wherein he figuratively gives denomination to the reasons of infidelity among men.

According to him, 66% of men, experience a feeling of guilt during the affair. It is not a feeling of “want” but mostly of a “need”. Neuman coined term compartmentalizing of feelings that men deal in the latter part of the situation. This notion describes men as futile when it comes to cheating. 77% of cheating men are associated with the same flock of cheaters, so to speak. Most of these men sporting in bars and nightclubs. 40% of men found their cheating partner in the office, where they spent most of their time. 12% of men debunk the idea that cheating equates better sex with “better” (physically attractive) woman. Cheating occurs because men are in need of affirmation. 6% of the entire populace will go for a one night stand while the remaining 73% will take a month before the green light.

So, let’s unbox the real deal why men resort to cheating.

  • Men avoid intimacy

Men are fond of putting distance when it comes to a relationship. The truth of the matter is, men will sex you up and then gone the next. In this manner, they can avoid any emotional attachment and the responsibilities it entails.

  • Men crave for intimacy

I know, this is a bit confusing for women. But hear me out first, Dr. Morse, a sex expert explained that when a relationship gets too comfortable, men tend to lose its interest and go search for something exciting- outside the relationship.

  • Men need to boost their sex drive

Over 90% of men populace agreed and laughed as though their best-kept secret had just been revealed. “Men need a mental challenge”. By which men, needs to go somewhere unfamiliar and release their curiosity.

  • Men want to take control

Dr. Saltz, a psychiatrist believed that men want to control and obtain power when it comes to the relationship. And cheating puts the ball back into their court.

Every woman on this planet has a fair share of a story of infidelity. I know many of these ladies  will think that the reasons mentioned above are pure lame and pointless. However, this post is not intended to prove what is morally right or wrong. All of these were derived from scientific research and statistics provided by the experts.

Please comment below what you think about why men cheat.


Pros and Cons in using Male Enhancements for Diabetics

irexionmaleenhancements.jpgDiabetes is one of many diseases that cause distress for both men and women. The reason being is that it damages the major organs like heart and kidneys. In fact, diabetics are susceptible to fatal heart diseases. This disease interrupts the normal flow of blood in the nerves and vessels that sends command erection among men.

Diabetic men suffer from abnormal hormone levels that actually affects the sustainability of solid erection. Erectile dysfunction is common among diabetic men, especially those who have Type II diabetes. That’s why male enhancements made available in the market. Some medications for ED can be acquired over the counter without a prescription, some are not.

The most common male enhancement pills that were prescribed to diabetic men are Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. These are synthetic pills that claim 50% effectiveness.

Cialis blocks certain enzymes in the body system that actually is essential in maintaining a solid erection. According to users, this pill can hold up for a maximum of one and half day. However, experts explained the adverse results of this drug as it cause blurry vision. Please take into account that this pill can react to some fruit enzymes, especially grapefruit.

Levitra, on the other hand, promotes blood flow to the nerve ending of the penis, which is essential to penile erection. However, this pill does not enhance sexual drive or libido. Unlike Cialis, its effectivity can only last up to ten hours. But this pill loses its effectiveness when combined with alcohol. Too much consumption of liquor causes difficulties in sustaining erection.

Lastly, Viagra, that is the most common pill among men. Works the same as the pills mentioned above.

Above all, it is more important for men with or without diabetes how this pill works. These male enhancement are produced to serve its purpose in boosting libido as well as sustaining erection.

The pill works by dilating the extracts in the blood vessels, allowing blood flow to the nerve endings of the penis. The brain sends signals to the nerve cells in the penis to produce Nitric Oxide. This nitric oxide is responsible for dilating and expanding the arteries, hence, blood supplication causes an erection.

However, all medicines have adverse side effects. For these synthetic male enhancement pills, the most common effects are the following:

  • Palpitation
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Blurry vision

Diabetes is a serious medical condition. Hence, an utmost precaution in taking any oral medication is necessary.

Alternative male enhancements now take the limelight. iRexion is one of the few natural male enhancements. Since its components are all natural fruit or vegetable extracts, a prescription is not a requirement. You can get the maximum results without compromising your health. Nonetheless, this is a guide that might come in handy, in considering the benefits as well as the catch in the available products in the market.

Does aphrodisiac work?


Aphrodisiacs are any consumed substance that triggers sexual drive or libido. However, there is an endless debate all over the world, whether to believe or not.

In 2015 Article via MayoClinic.Org,  Dr. Brent Bauer share his thoughts on aphrodisiacs. In his article, he explains that there is little scientific evidence that supports the effectivity of natural aphrodisiacs. He even warns the public that some “natural” supplements that claims to have an aphrodisiac effect may contain insect or plant extract that can be toxic and harmful to human body.

On the other hand, Aleisha Fetters of  AskMen.Com, believes that you need to eat truckloads of these libido-enhancing food to activate your sexual prowess. Dr. Darius Paduch standpoint is that even the 30% of Viagra’s boner-producing power come from the same placebo effect.

On the contrary, a study from Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, concludes that 80% of 40 men with ED, achieve a solid erection for a just one-month treatment of L-arginine and Pycnogenol extract. Then 92.5% of these men were able to maintain a normal erection after three-month therapy of these nitric-oxide-rich herbs.

There are numerous foods that claim to boost libido. However, most of them have little to NO scientific basis for its effectivity. With this consideration, it is fair enough to conclude that this erogenous food CAN help to stimulate sexual arousal. Since “excitement” starts from the brain, we can say that “placebo effect” verdict from the experts contained half truth. There are chemical compounds from these ‘foods’ that contributes to activate sexual hormones. Let’s take, for example, Oysters.

Oysters are rich in Zinc. Zinc deficiency can lead to impotence for men. Zinc is responsible for controlling progesterone levels for both men and women. Scientifically, progesterone is the essential hormone that is integral in the development of healthy nerve cells, brain, and thyroid function. (Digital, 2013)

With these fact laid, we can conclude that these aphrodisiacs can tingles the brain activity – if consumed regularly and in large amount. The brain can signal the other neighboring parts that make you excited. However, it is better to seek consultation from the professionals to address sexual concern and issues.

Mind-blowing Sex Taboos of the 21st Century


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      I’ve read a lot of men’s magazine that tackles about fantasies, confessions, suggestions and what nots. There was one article I came across by Dr. Meg Barker, a sex and relationship therapist that challenges the norms or generally speaking what we perceived to be “normal”. Taboos is colloquially equate to be abusive, unlawful, and disturbing.

To most forums, polls, scientific research I have read about taboos in doing the deed, I was still puzzled on what are the standards to make it right and acceptable. People from the 21st century is certainly adventurous than people from ages. Hence, I still collate the Top 6 of forbidden practices in heavy petting.


  • Anal Sex
    • Myth: Only sluts have anal sex.
    • Truth: Anal sex has been voted the number one taboo sexual behavior that heterosexual couples want to try. So obviously, we can’t all be sluts.
    • Why it’s hot: Men enjoy additional tightness the anus affords comapared to vagina. It tends to be a “treat” mixed into your regular sexual repertoire of play.
  • Period Sex
    • Myth: It can harm the uterus . (Click here for more info)
    • Truth:  During your monthly period, an opening passage was developed for the blood to flow. The common notion is this passage was huge and penis can injure the wall of uterus. Experts ditch the idea, explaining that wang cannot enter the premises for it’s too small for that.
    • Why it’s hot: Women’s hormones are raging as they are surprisingly aroused than any other time.
  • Cuckolding
    • Myth: Unlawful and unhealthy for a relationship
    • Truth: It is the fetish of the millennium
    • Why it’s hot: Sexual pleasure is doing some sort of role play. Sky is the limit!
  • Pegging
    • Myth: It hurts. It was designed for homosexuals especially gay people.
    • Truth: If it’s done correctly, it doesn’t have to be. Straight fetishists have crossed the border of being adventurous.
    • Why it’s hot: It’s not your regular doggie-style that provides deliciously deep penetration, this mattress modification ensures a direct “penile” path to his G-spot.
  • Autoerotic Asphyxiation
    • Myth: It’s lethal.
    • Truth: It is lethal
    • Why it’s hot: Because it 50 Shades of Grey kind of arousal. Masochist felt extra-high when the female partner is battling for survival.
  • Incest Sex
    • Myth: Correlated to molestation, assault, or abuse
    • Truth: Some instances that participants do willingly share with consensus.
    • Why it’s hot:  Forbidden thoughts, forbidden acts are interesting and most often exciting.

It is a given fact that sexual taboos are developing progressively to this very day. No one can actually dictate or has the license to tell you the right and wrongs on your sexual activity. You just have to find your latch who is capable to fulfill your sexual desires. As long as there is a mutual agreement between you two (or more), whatever you do away from public scrutiny, so to speak, is your own business.


Under the Knife: Penile Enlargement


Many men are willing to go under the knife to boost their esteem and self-confidence. Many of us aren’t aware that this procedure exists, basically, it is equivalent to boob surgery to women.

Dr. Elliot Heller of Allure Plastic Surgery Centers in New York City has been practicing all types of plastic surgery from top to bottom and everything in between. Dr. Heller believes that these men are eager to impress the women in bed without stretching bones.

In other words, Phalloplasty. Of course, you don’t need this! But in case you’re curious, here’s the gist: You can either make your penis longer or wider. Heller also reveals that most men who have undergone this procedure are either “Asian seamen who are surrounded by different races who loses the gall to compare notes, there are also TV personalities who underwent this procedure.

The bloody details: If you’ve passed the psychiatric evaluation and if you’re smoker who’s willing to quit smoking two months before the procedure, you have two options: widen or lengthen. Widening the girth is easier because one’s own fat is gathered using liposuction and then transferred into the penis.

“It resembles grafting or fat transplant,” Heller explains. This method is done by local anesthesia, but a mild sedative.

The other procedure is the lengthening. There are two ways to do this: 1) Put a silicon implant – or rod, as doctors call it. 2) Cut the ligament at the base of the penis (which suspends it) so it will be able to stretch farther. The implant method takes an hour or more but not exceeding two hours on local anesthesia.

Recovery: The most common question for those interested in Phalloplasty is, “When am I allowed to have sex?” Says Heller. The penis and scrotum are usually swollen and bruised for two weeks but is tolerable especially with the medication. You can already take a shower by the fifth day while sutures are removed seven to ten days after the operation. With the widening of girth, you can already have sexual intercourse by the fifth day. As for the cutting of the ligament, sex is possible in two weeks post-op. But with the implants you have to wait one long month.

Damage: About $3500 to $9500 widening and cutting, and about $25000 for the enlargements using an implant.

My thoughts on this: Plastic Surgery is a billion dollar industry and is expected to double its value for the years coming. First of all, I think that this industry sells not only the service per se but most especially they want to give “hope”  to people. I think it’s cool to have them in full size. But there are a lot of risks that entails with this procedure.

Here are the alternative ways to make your wiener appear bigger without spending a fortune.