7 Ancient Sex Tricks That Never Gets Old

Here are some awesome Kama Sutra moves, plus other titillating techniques that have stood the test of time.


“ Like sex, this passionate kiss can alternate between soft and hard to increase the intensity”

There was a treasured love of sex tips written B.C that is just hot as the ones you can find today. For thousand years, fun, fearless females have been dipping into passion-charged how-to manuals from the Far East. The best news about these millennia-old erotic moves: You don’t have to be a sex high priestess to pull them off. From stimulating kisses to otherworldly oral sex positions, the lusty history lesson starts now.

What makes this kama sutra tongue-tango technique hotter than your average lip lock is that simulates intercourse, says Nitya Lacroix, author of The Women’s Kama Sutra. To do it, place your lips fully over your man’s and slowly, softly thrust your tongue in and out, stroking his tongue, his teeth, and the roof of his mouth. Like sex, this kiss can alternate between soft and hard to increase intensity. Then let your gun take the lead. Go back and forth for a few minutes before sensually tracing the outside of his lips with your tongue for the finale.

From India’s ancient tantric tradition around 7000 years ago, comes a move that gives your guy twice the sensation down south. Through the massage, your dissolving tension in his pelvic area,or healing the vajra (penis),  to allow for a bigger orgasm (I bet they use some male enhancement back in the days).” begin by having your guy lay on his back, legs slightly spread. Rub some lube on your fingers between the first and second knuckle, massage his perineum- the inward dip that’s halfway between his scrotum and his buns- while you use your other hand to stroke his penis from the base to the tip. Move both hands at the same speed. The combination will send a trembling sensation up his pelvis.

This difficult-to-date ancient technique may or may not have its origins in Asia.Its name is a variation of the french word for the pump because you’re literally putting your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, says Patti Britton Ph.D., a clinical sexologist in Los Angels. In Japan, geishas also employed these PC strengthening tactics by placing jade balls about an inch in diameter inside their vaginas and holding them in. the sexy setup: use your vaginal muscles to tighten and release your guy’s penis as he’s thrusting inside you. For a modern twist, do this frisky flex while your guy goes down on you- but start slow. The real power in this move doesn’t come from the speed but from the strength of your muscles, says Britton. The stronger they are the more powerful your orgasm will be.

When scholars refer to the sexual kung fu the 3000-year-old Taoist traditions, they’re really talking about delaying your guy’s ejaculation. By building up arousal, he’ll open himself up to more sensational orgasms and last longer in bed. To try it wrap your hands, one on top of the other around his penis. Then make gentle spirals up the hot shaft with each hand going in opposite directions. Or place your right hand at the top of his penis and your left hand at the base and make the same circular motions, again moving your hands in opposite directions and drawing them closer until they meet in the middle. Then slowly rub his shaft with both palms for a minute. The idea is to bring him close to climax, downshift, then repeat the special so you’re teasing out his time in ecstasy.

The Kama Sutra’s congress of the cow sex pose earned its name because you and your man simulate the mating postures and sounds of cattle. Start off by standing up, then place your palms on the ground, bending your knees slightly. Your guy should enter you from behind, wrapping an arm around your waist. This move elevates your buttocks and allows him to thrust downward so the pressure of his penis can stimulate your clitoris on the inside. He’ll make g-spot contact as well. Place pillows under your hands for more support on your way to seventh heaven.

Tantra (a.k.a the yoga of love) relaxes and energizes your body. In the ancient Tiber, illustrations showed deities in this tantric pose seeking sexual nirvana. Have your guy try to sit in the traditional lotus position (cross-legged with each heel atop the opposite knee). Facing him, sit in his lap and mount him, with your legs around his waist. Embrace each other and lock lips with a shared breath, so that as you exhale your guy inhales and vice versa. As you breathe in, rock your pelvis back and tighten your vaginal muscles around him. As you exhale, rock your pelvis forward and release. Your guy should mirror your movements. The payoff-” deeper intimacy and mind-blowing climax.

From the south, pacific comes a Tahitian tongue technique that gives a slight geometric shift in your man’s mouth action. Lay on your back with your feet firmly planted on the bed and your knees pointed toward the ceiling. Have your guy slide his head under your knees below the triangles you’re making with your legs so he can lay perpendicular to your body. Then have him lick your clitoris from left to right- not up and down- alternating between fast and slow. Women who tried this method had more intense orgasms and some had their very first.

Relevant Sources: Kama Sutra – Love Machine

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Signs She Wants To Have Her Way With You


Sometimes it’s fun for us to tell you straight yo when we want sex, but other times, we’d like you to step up and seduce us. Since we’ve figured out that our signals are often lost on you fellas, we thought we’d give you a heads-up. Here, the various ways your woman says, “Make a move, dammit!”

She gives you a sexy compliment

Hopefully, your girlfriend doles out the flattery on a regular basis- but don’t let her do-me signals get lost in the mix. “When a woman compliments you on your body or your sexual performance, it means she has sex on the brain. In other words, shes not hoping you’ll grab a coin to see if you really can bounce it off your butt. She wants to see that behind… naked in bed.

She shows some skin

Women aren’t stupid. We know you think its sexy when we’re nude. So when we’re blow-drying our hair in nothing but a camisole and thong on have an “oops, you can see down my shirt” moment, its no accident, Showing skin can be teasing behavior. She’s likely making a conscious attempt to turn on without looking like she’s trying to at all.” So don’t let her efforts go unnoticed or she might start covering up… and you don’t want that, do you?

She touches you for no reason

Not every touch is a come-and-get-it gesture, but when a woman finds a gratuitous excuse to put her hands on you, she’s often signaling you to make the next move. “She’s using physical contact to say, ‘’ I’m starting here, but I want you to go further.” She also knows that chances are big that the body will contact will get  you all riled up as well.

So how can you tell the difference between an innocent touch and a seduction technique? Basically, it won’t feel like an accident. Her hand will linger, the action will be more deliberate, and she might make eye contact with you while she’s at it. Some common moves from our playbook to be on the lookout for stroking your palm with her fingertips, wrapping her arms around you from behind and rubbing your chest, and running her fingers through your hair.

She drops “innocent” hints

We understand that guys couldn’t care less about our primping rituals and shopping excursions, so when we say things like “ I just got bikini wax today” or “Want to see the new nightie I bought?” it’s for a damn good reason. “She’s throwing out hints that she’s done something special in preparation for sex and wants to put it to use. Chances are if she mentions something that turns you on, that was her intention.

She might also try to gauge if you’ll be in the mood later by asking probing questions about how tired you are after your long day or if you plan on staying up late. No, shes not making sure you get your full eight hours or you take iRexion to aid you getting a boner- she wants you to know shes thinking about getting lucky… and hopes you’re in.



How To Tell He Loves You


Your guy may not shout it from the rooftop, but he communicates in other ways that show how he’s totally obsessed with you.


When he’s smitten, a guy will try to solve your problems-like a sagging shelf or leaking taps. “These gestures aren’t always seen as loving, but they are,’’  says James Sniechowski, Ph.D. So pay attention to the sweet things he does to make life easier for you.



You may be listening so hard for those three little words that you’re missing  the extended version. A lot of guys tell you how they feel by saying what they admire about you. Love tip: Accept his compliments. If you brush off his praise he’ll stop offering it.



Most guys open up only when they feel a true connection. If he’s talking to you about his innermost feelings- the kind of stuff you could really hurt him with- he’s emotionally invested in the relationship. So just relax- the guy is totally into you.



Especially in satisfying you in bed. Couples who have been in a relationship for quite sometimes tends to get familiarize with each other- that means not being adventurous like doing it the first time. But if a guy constantly makes an effort to give you an orgasm, regardless if he takes iRexion for added support, then he’s not only the man, but I bet he’s the one.

Sexual Arousal, Whats going on?

Although it’s the most natural thing in the world, sexual arousal is fairly complex process. Its stages are not automatic. Just because you start the ball rolling, so to speak, doesn’t mean you’re going to glide through to step 4 without a glitch. It takes a steady stream of excitement and stimulation to move from one step to another.

Red satin BackgroundRed satin BackgroundRed satin BackgroundRed satin BackgroundRed satin Background


Reaching genuine orgasm can be tricky most of the time. That’s why men resort to taking pills such as iRexion and the likes. Taking natural boosting supplements, which most of the men prefer, will instantly give them the kick and drive to satisfying sexual performance. It’s always a win-win for both parties.


Scene Behind the Curtains of Adult Industry


Wonder what happens behind the porn scene? The porn industry is a billion dollar industry. Shelley Lubben, a porn star from the 90s, uncovered the realities in the sexy business. According to her, most women from this industry are either desperate for money or have been sexually abused. In this case, the porn production can be easily performed.

For the typical civilian porn stars are often depicted as sexual superheroes. We all guilty of that, since we are all doomed to this pastime. Men patrons, in particular, are avid of the appearance of each character. Not only they lurge to the curves and bumps of the female lead, but men also admit that they are envious of the male protagonist and the humongous penis that’s been attached to its body. These are how porn directors qualify a porn clip as fantastical.

Male performers juice up ED medicines. Many of which end up being dependent on them. Cialis is one of the drugs that these men are fixated on. These medicines make their wang look and feel solid as the rock. However, a report has been published that a 28-year-old porn performer who had been taking Cialis end up having an abnormal erection. He wasn’t able to manage or to stop for more than 12 hours straight. That unusual erection gives him a severe pain in his penis. This is a serious issue that this man needs to be rushed to the emergency room. This issue will not only put his health in jeopardy but also his career.

Relevant Source Keeping It Up in the Porn Industry

Male performers use ED drugs even without definition by prescription, because most of them don’t have erectile dysfunction, to begin with. There is a mad rush and it is likely to be abused. Come to think of it, the adult industry is there and will stay there whether we like it or not. One porn star recommends a male enhancement supplement that actually make your wang worked up without any harmful risks. iRexion male supplements are readily available for guys out there especially for those inside the adult industry without any prescription. Meaning, this is proven safe and FDA sealed. This is on the hype that is even used by ED and Diabetic patients. This will double your performance with no worries.

This is how a porn production being revealed by a male performers point-of-view. In summary, we honor all the people behind the adult curtain because we all owe something to them.


Let’s Talk Business: Sex for Favor

casual-sex-friday.jpgEver think of trading casual sex to get some manual job done? A freelancer from CNN post a poll survey wherein he wants to know how many people are actually cool in trading some “personalized sensual service” in exchange for something tangible/intangible honest work. You know, like assembling some IKEA furniture, proofreading your masteral thesis or any other favor?
Many skeptics raised their eyebrows with this kind of social poll. It is normal to be judged since pure objectivity is nonexistent.

Many people come up with different labels in addressing casual sex. Many of them who are actually in the escort service set a more decent definition defining its true value. Companionship term coined which is a mixed bag of weirdness and morality. Companionship does not necessarily involve monetary values.

Casual sex is depicted as more enticing since there are no emotions involved. The situation may get you uncalled, so always be ready. Many men I know, resort in taking male enhancement supplements, being part of their daily diet. You cannot afford to disappoint your next door hottie knocking on your door.

Never ever underestimate mother nature, mating instincts and behavior is over a thousand years old and still exert a powerful influence on us today, whether you acknowledge that or not. Share your thoughts and interesting stories below.

Til then.

Sex at work


I find this topic very interesting since many of you can go ballistic with the idea. But come to think of it, at some point, you may find your boss or your subordinate sexually attractive that you actually use him or her as a pornographic reference every moment possible. But before I go on, I would love to disclaim this post for the benefit of those who are not that tolerant of the idea. You may now close the tab and rest in peace. But for you who want to kick one of those listed on your bucket checklist, this post might be helpful for you.

Having sex at work can be sexy in a way you never realized. Maybe because the thought of being caught can be explicitly alluring or just simply because your colleague is too damn hot with that corporate attire. Whatever your reason is, let me first warn you about the risks you may get into.

  • Unemployment
  • Grounds for Sexual Harassment
  • Grounds for Infidelity

Well, this should be all considered at your own unbiased judgement. Then after nibbling on your thought, you decide.

If you finally cross the path of delinquency, please observe the office sex decorum. Yes, you heard me right, office sex observes and deserves some decency and ethics. Keep reading.


Be Discreet

Given the fact that both of consensually agree in doing the deed, discretion is the key. The perceived risk of getting caught can be erotic, well getting caught is not, so. This mean closing the door, turning off the lights, keeping quiet, making sure nobody is nowhere the crime scene,  is pretty basic. Unless you want to caught the attention of others, feel free to do so. Of course, you want to avoid those planted paparazzi (CCTV Cameras), make sure where the blind spots are so you will not nobody’s reputation.  

Aftermath: Make sure you fix your hair, makeup, clothes, just go back to your normal state so no one will notice about your naughty activity down there.


Don’t Break the Law

The worse thing besides than getting fired because you got caught violating the company rules, is to get arrested. Nobody wants to get caught by some authority and collect love letters (subpoena) from the court right? So if you are working in some educational institution or anywhere where children lodge, don’t do it. Possible repercussions could have you labeled as a sex offender. Remember that nudity in public places can get you arrested and fined for public indecency.


Keep it Simple and Quick

This is not the time to impress your partner doing the Kama Sutra moves. Office people will take notice if you become available for hours. Clothing plays an important role in doing office sex. A dress that can easily be lifted and crotchless panties are the options to consider. You don’t have time to ditch some Spanx during this crucial situation. But never deprive yourself to some sexy lingerie under your professional wear, which contributes to more satisfying action. For guys, make sure to take a supplement booster before the main action, doing so will leave your sexmate with a good quickie-impression.


Never Kiss and Tell

As much as you want to brag about your dirty accomplishments, telling someone is a bad idea. This is the type of gossip that are not designed to be kept just because. If the higher ups find out what you just did, congratulations, you just ruin your reputation plus a bonus of getting fired.

However, if you feel the urge to tell it to someone, pick a person outside of your work who does not know anyone of your coworkers. Chances that nobody will find out.


Think Twice Before Shagging Your Boss or Your Subordinate

There are logical reasons why doing the deed with some powerful authority and vice versa can be a bad idea. Both of you may feel threatened on your job security close to the point of quitting. For those bosses who are getting nosy to the new receptionist, you can charge with sexual harassment if your employee feels like you’re using your position at work to force him to have sex with you.


Have Fun

With all the risks I mentioned, office sex can still be a lot of fun. Matter of fact, the limitations and restrictions make it even hotter. Search for new spots together where you can sneak some fun.

If the odds are present, you may want to be creative and resort to less risky activities such as sexting or send some naughty photos that may stimulate passion and sexual desire. Let your mind wander during your in-between breaks.


Again, please practice this at your own risk. Just go have some fun if you find your target worth it in the first place. Be bold and good luck.

Wanna share your experience, thoughts? Comment down below.

Demystifying the Myths About Male Enhancements Drugs

Men of all ages are on a constant quest on how to acquire the winning pride of satisfactory sexual performance. Male enhancement drugs filled-in the need within the gap. However, there is no clear notion of how male enhancement pills works. People, men, in particular, buy on the baseless beliefs, myths we call them, to satisfy their curiosity. To name a few, keep reading.

Myth #1: Male Enhancement Pills Can Enlarge the Penis

No drug can actually increase the size of your wiener. Male enhancement drug can give the sensation of “enlarge” penis, this is because it triggers a boost of blood flow in the nerve endings of your penis. Nonetheless, a pill can never ever increase the measurement of penis apparently, well, unless you go under a surgery.


Read Under the Knife: Penile Enlargement



Myth #2: Alternative or Natural-Based Drug Means Less Effective

Many naysayers disprove the effectivity of the natural male enhancers, well, in fact, research validate its efficiency comparable to the over-the-counter synthetic pills. Studies after studies justify significant results about the effectiveness of natural-based male enhancers, especially for those men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes.


Read Pros and Cons in Using Male Enhancements for Diabetics


Myth #3: Men Who are Engaged with Physical Activity Do Not Need Male Enhancers

Experts believe that men may opt to take male enhancing supplements. “Physically Fit” person per se are susceptible wavering blood circulation. This results to stiffed muscles, cramps, and weak joints. Male enhancers aid to supply amount of blood that is necessary for sex drive and performance. So, regardless whether you keep your healthy routine at par, you need a little boost to keep your sexual performance on a satisfactory level.

Myths and misconception are part of the business’ business. So you need to be skeptical and vigilant on the idea that marketers advertise. Again, for synthetic drugs like Viagra, it is important to have a consultation. However, if you want to take a hassle-free path, go for the natural-based enhancers.

Relevant article:  The Dangers Lurking in Male Sexual Supplements


Share your thoughts below. Deuces!

Things You Should Not Ask Your Partner


We’ve all gotten a little carried away in the heat of the moment, but asking the wrong things especially under the sheets, can bring even the best time to a screeching halt. I know, those raging hormones can make you say some absurd stuff. But for crying out loud, please dust off these questions out from your bedroom vocab. Consider these queries as the worst, taboo and illegal during your sexual play.

So without further adieu, here is our top 5 list.



  • “Is it in yet?”

Drop it like it’s a bomb and congratulations, you just killed my mood. Like seriously? Isn’t what we’re working on? We know that most men are seriously stressed about the size of their penis- so please, spare us. Even if you’re thinking it, don’t say it.



  • “Did your ex do this better?”

This is the most annoying question a man can ever hear in his lifetime. Because no matter how we answer, we’re likely to get in trouble. For all you know, ladies, our ex is a mere dead to us, so why bother to ask?




  • Do you find Kim K attractive?

Please don’t ask if the answer is pretty obvious. Unless you’re ready to hear us say, “yes” then by all means, shoot it. It doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t like you. It just simply means that our eyes serve its purpose.




  • “Was that the best sex you’ve ever had?”

Thing is, we are left with no option but to say, “yes”. Well and good, if you really an exceptional sex animal or we have to resort to lying. I’m pretty sure you and I will benefit if you opt not to ask this awkward question. In this sexual situation, please bear in mind that you either kill the mood or we are going to be killed.




  • “Can we talk?”

This is the most frightening question regardless who asks it. Most especially if this comes from your sex mate, girlfriend, wife or whoever you are dealing with in the sensual situation. Save your “serious business” later over coffee. Just never during sex. Let’s deal first with my business before your business. Got it? Good.

These are HUGE no-nos. Truth is, whether you fancy yourself as a sexpert, everyone can benefit from this simple and pretty basic list. What do you think about these? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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10 Sex Drive Myths Debunked


We all come to a point when we buy on some funny ideas about sex drive and or sex in general.

But as we age, those ideas became absurd and pointless. Still, those “myths” keep haunting us until we set these straight. Today, we’re going to decrypt the top 10 sex drive myths that repeatedly schooled us.


  1. A Cold Showed Whipped Out Sex Drive

It has been believed that taking a cold a shower before doing the deed can ruin your sex drive. Cold shower assumed to decrease testosterone and estrogen levels for both men and women respectively. However, a study for Thrombosis has proven that taking a cold shower can actually stimulate libido as it increases the sexual hormones for both men and women.



  1. Woman’s Orgasm comes naturally

Many people expect too much because of pornography. More often than not, a person does not achieve orgasm through intercourse. In a scientific perspective, women in particular, often fake orgasms. Regardless of the penis size or preferred sex position. When the clitoris was hit by an indirect pressure, the nerve endings send signals to the brain that suggests climatic arousal. To shorten the story, it takes two to tango for a woman to reach its peak.



  1. Race is a Good Indicator of Man’s Sexual Competence

While some races take pride with these rumors, there is no solid scientific basis to support this notion. A study made by Royal Hallamshire Hospital ditch this egoistic whim. The study proves that man’s physical endowment has nothing to do with his race, creed or color. Hence, much more on the genes that determine a man’s capacity or power.



  1.  Aphrodisiac Works Like Magic

There are endless debates that trying to prove the effectivity of “natural aphrodisiacs”. An article posted online profoundly explained the probability of effectiveness with regards to natural boosting foods. Article here. Experts agree that these aphrodisiacs have very little to NO effect on man’s libido. It is mere the placebo effect that men experience.



  1. Oral Sex is Safer than doing Anal and Vaginal Sex

STDs or the Sexually Transmitted Disease is rampant anywhere in the world. However, this not in any case supports the notion that it can only transmit through contemporary way (Anal & Vaginal). Technically, doing oral sex, the couple exchange fluids. So, yes! You are at risk for STD.

  1. Viagra is The Answer

Viagra is a synthetic male enhancement supplements. It is widely sold as part of medication for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). More info here. But recent studies argue the side effects of this pill. Men should not take for granted their health for the sake of solid erection. There are numerous alternatives that outwit Viagra. Click here for a recommendation.



  1. Premature Ejaculation Only Concerns Young Men

Many believe that premature ejaculation is an issue that boys only concern about. However, experts reiterated that men in 30s share the same sentiments. This is due the inevitable stimulants that are present in the environment- fatigue, poor cardiovascular conditioning, depression, anxiety, or neurological symptoms.



  1. Thinking of Someone Else During Sex is Atrocious

90% of sexually active men would agree that their imagination will bring them to another person besides the person on top. Statistics illustrates that men fantasize other women besides the person he’s sharing the deed with. Most of them think about friends, coworkers and even imaginary persona (Betty Boop is included in the long list).



  1. STD is Unlikely to Happen When You’re in Water

Sex experts and doctors agreed that this myth should be cleared out. Couples who are fond of doing the deed in the water are more likely to get infected by STD. Thing is water washes away the natural lubricant of the genitals, causing more friction. This friction causes tears in the vagina, that  bacteria and viruses can enter. Using condoms, on the other hand, is pointless as it can be distorted by heat, chlorine and oil-based substances in the water (bubble bath or sunscreen). But if you’re determined to do so, go for a silicone-based lubricant that can last longer.



  1.   Men Can’t Have Multiple Orgasms

Many believed that guys can do one shot kill when it comes to achieving orgasm. However, sexologist ditch the idea regardless if your man have physical limitations on how quickly he can produce sperm. A guy can achieve multiple orgasms on repeat if you know the trick. Now listen ladies, here’s how you do it: Bring your man to a close peak  and then ease off so he feels the toe-curling contractions of orgasm without releasing the battalion. Let your man notify you when he’s about to blow up and gently squeeze the head of his wiener and pull it back. Do some foreplay for about a minute just to let him cool down but not long enough to lose his erection. Then repeat chorus until he begs for more.

People have been doing erotic things since the primitive time, but we’re just starting to understand it. This top ten list can help each and everyone for more healthy and satisfying sex life.

Have fun and see you on my next post.