Signs She Wants To Have Her Way With You


Sometimes it’s fun for us to tell you straight yo when we want sex, but other times, we’d like you to step up and seduce us. Since we’ve figured out that our signals are often lost on you fellas, we thought we’d give you a heads-up. Here, the various ways your woman says, “Make a move, dammit!”

She gives you a sexy compliment

Hopefully, your girlfriend doles out the flattery on a regular basis- but don’t let her do-me signals get lost in the mix. “When a woman compliments you on your body or your sexual performance, it means she has sex on the brain. In other words, shes not hoping you’ll grab a coin to see if you really can bounce it off your butt. She wants to see that behind… naked in bed.

She shows some skin

Women aren’t stupid. We know you think its sexy when we’re nude. So when we’re blow-drying our hair in nothing but a camisole and thong on have an “oops, you can see down my shirt” moment, its no accident, Showing skin can be teasing behavior. She’s likely making a conscious attempt to turn on without looking like she’s trying to at all.” So don’t let her efforts go unnoticed or she might start covering up… and you don’t want that, do you?

She touches you for no reason

Not every touch is a come-and-get-it gesture, but when a woman finds a gratuitous excuse to put her hands on you, she’s often signaling you to make the next move. “She’s using physical contact to say, ‘’ I’m starting here, but I want you to go further.” She also knows that chances are big that the body will contact will get  you all riled up as well.

So how can you tell the difference between an innocent touch and a seduction technique? Basically, it won’t feel like an accident. Her hand will linger, the action will be more deliberate, and she might make eye contact with you while she’s at it. Some common moves from our playbook to be on the lookout for stroking your palm with her fingertips, wrapping her arms around you from behind and rubbing your chest, and running her fingers through your hair.

She drops “innocent” hints

We understand that guys couldn’t care less about our primping rituals and shopping excursions, so when we say things like “ I just got bikini wax today” or “Want to see the new nightie I bought?” it’s for a damn good reason. “She’s throwing out hints that she’s done something special in preparation for sex and wants to put it to use. Chances are if she mentions something that turns you on, that was her intention.

She might also try to gauge if you’ll be in the mood later by asking probing questions about how tired you are after your long day or if you plan on staying up late. No, shes not making sure you get your full eight hours or you take iRexion to aid you getting a boner- she wants you to know shes thinking about getting lucky… and hopes you’re in.




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