How To Tell He Loves You


Your guy may not shout it from the rooftop, but he communicates in other ways that show how he’s totally obsessed with you.


When he’s smitten, a guy will try to solve your problems-like a sagging shelf or leaking taps. “These gestures aren’t always seen as loving, but they are,’’  says James Sniechowski, Ph.D. So pay attention to the sweet things he does to make life easier for you.



You may be listening so hard for those three little words that you’re missing  the extended version. A lot of guys tell you how they feel by saying what they admire about you. Love tip: Accept his compliments. If you brush off his praise he’ll stop offering it.



Most guys open up only when they feel a true connection. If he’s talking to you about his innermost feelings- the kind of stuff you could really hurt him with- he’s emotionally invested in the relationship. So just relax- the guy is totally into you.



Especially in satisfying you in bed. Couples who have been in a relationship for quite sometimes tends to get familiarize with each other- that means not being adventurous like doing it the first time. But if a guy constantly makes an effort to give you an orgasm, regardless if he takes iRexion for added support, then he’s not only the man, but I bet he’s the one.


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