Let’s Talk Business: Sex for Favor

casual-sex-friday.jpgEver think of trading casual sex to get some manual job done? A freelancer from CNN post a poll survey wherein he wants to know how many people are actually cool in trading some “personalized sensual service” in exchange for something tangible/intangible honest work. You know, like assembling some IKEA furniture, proofreading your masteral thesis or any other favor?
Many skeptics raised their eyebrows with this kind of social poll. It is normal to be judged since pure objectivity is nonexistent.

Many people come up with different labels in addressing casual sex. Many of them who are actually in the escort service set a more decent definition defining its true value. Companionship term coined which is a mixed bag of weirdness and morality. Companionship does not necessarily involve monetary values.

Casual sex is depicted as more enticing since there are no emotions involved. The situation may get you uncalled, so always be ready. Many men I know, resort in taking male enhancement supplements, being part of their daily diet. You cannot afford to disappoint your next door hottie knocking on your door.

Never ever underestimate mother nature, mating instincts and behavior is over a thousand years old and still exert a powerful influence on us today, whether you acknowledge that or not. Share your thoughts and interesting stories below.

Til then.


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