Sex at work


I find this topic very interesting since many of you can go ballistic with the idea. But come to think of it, at some point, you may find your boss or your subordinate sexually attractive that you actually use him or her as a pornographic reference every moment possible. But before I go on, I would love to disclaim this post for the benefit of those who are not that tolerant of the idea. You may now close the tab and rest in peace. But for you who want to kick one of those listed on your bucket checklist, this post might be helpful for you.

Having sex at work can be sexy in a way you never realized. Maybe because the thought of being caught can be explicitly alluring or just simply because your colleague is too damn hot with that corporate attire. Whatever your reason is, let me first warn you about the risks you may get into.

  • Unemployment
  • Grounds for Sexual Harassment
  • Grounds for Infidelity

Well, this should be all considered at your own unbiased judgement. Then after nibbling on your thought, you decide.

If you finally cross the path of delinquency, please observe the office sex decorum. Yes, you heard me right, office sex observes and deserves some decency and ethics. Keep reading.


Be Discreet

Given the fact that both of consensually agree in doing the deed, discretion is the key. The perceived risk of getting caught can be erotic, well getting caught is not, so. This mean closing the door, turning off the lights, keeping quiet, making sure nobody is nowhere the crime scene,  is pretty basic. Unless you want to caught the attention of others, feel free to do so. Of course, you want to avoid those planted paparazzi (CCTV Cameras), make sure where the blind spots are so you will not nobody’s reputation.  

Aftermath: Make sure you fix your hair, makeup, clothes, just go back to your normal state so no one will notice about your naughty activity down there.


Don’t Break the Law

The worse thing besides than getting fired because you got caught violating the company rules, is to get arrested. Nobody wants to get caught by some authority and collect love letters (subpoena) from the court right? So if you are working in some educational institution or anywhere where children lodge, don’t do it. Possible repercussions could have you labeled as a sex offender. Remember that nudity in public places can get you arrested and fined for public indecency.


Keep it Simple and Quick

This is not the time to impress your partner doing the Kama Sutra moves. Office people will take notice if you become available for hours. Clothing plays an important role in doing office sex. A dress that can easily be lifted and crotchless panties are the options to consider. You don’t have time to ditch some Spanx during this crucial situation. But never deprive yourself to some sexy lingerie under your professional wear, which contributes to more satisfying action. For guys, make sure to take a supplement booster before the main action, doing so will leave your sexmate with a good quickie-impression.


Never Kiss and Tell

As much as you want to brag about your dirty accomplishments, telling someone is a bad idea. This is the type of gossip that are not designed to be kept just because. If the higher ups find out what you just did, congratulations, you just ruin your reputation plus a bonus of getting fired.

However, if you feel the urge to tell it to someone, pick a person outside of your work who does not know anyone of your coworkers. Chances that nobody will find out.


Think Twice Before Shagging Your Boss or Your Subordinate

There are logical reasons why doing the deed with some powerful authority and vice versa can be a bad idea. Both of you may feel threatened on your job security close to the point of quitting. For those bosses who are getting nosy to the new receptionist, you can charge with sexual harassment if your employee feels like you’re using your position at work to force him to have sex with you.


Have Fun

With all the risks I mentioned, office sex can still be a lot of fun. Matter of fact, the limitations and restrictions make it even hotter. Search for new spots together where you can sneak some fun.

If the odds are present, you may want to be creative and resort to less risky activities such as sexting or send some naughty photos that may stimulate passion and sexual desire. Let your mind wander during your in-between breaks.


Again, please practice this at your own risk. Just go have some fun if you find your target worth it in the first place. Be bold and good luck.

Wanna share your experience, thoughts? Comment down below.


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