Why Men Cheat?



Infidelity is common like a common cold. This is a natural phenomenon that is accepted as a universal truth. Scientifically speaking, monogamy is not considered normal. (Barash, et al., 2001) Roughly 3% of all mammals, including humans practice monogamy or pair bonding.

Over million of years ago, polygamy is considered to be an effective reproductive strategy. Simply saying, the more partner you linked to, the more offspring are likely to produce. Like investing in stocks, it is better to invest in multiple stocks that putting all your resources in a single stock.

A marriage counselor by the name of Gary Neuman release a conclusive data, wherein he figuratively gives denomination to the reasons of infidelity among men.

According to him, 66% of men, experience a feeling of guilt during the affair. It is not a feeling of “want” but mostly of a “need”. Neuman coined term compartmentalizing of feelings that men deal in the latter part of the situation. This notion describes men as futile when it comes to cheating. 77% of cheating men are associated with the same flock of cheaters, so to speak. Most of these men sporting in bars and nightclubs. 40% of men found their cheating partner in the office, where they spent most of their time. 12% of men debunk the idea that cheating equates better sex with “better” (physically attractive) woman. Cheating occurs because men are in need of affirmation. 6% of the entire populace will go for a one night stand while the remaining 73% will take a month before the green light.

So, let’s unbox the real deal why men resort to cheating.

  • Men avoid intimacy

Men are fond of putting distance when it comes to a relationship. The truth of the matter is, men will sex you up and then gone the next. In this manner, they can avoid any emotional attachment and the responsibilities it entails.

  • Men crave for intimacy

I know, this is a bit confusing for women. But hear me out first, Dr. Morse, a sex expert explained that when a relationship gets too comfortable, men tend to lose its interest and go search for something exciting- outside the relationship.

  • Men need to boost their sex drive

Over 90% of men populace agreed and laughed as though their best-kept secret had just been revealed. “Men need a mental challenge”. By which men, needs to go somewhere unfamiliar and release their curiosity.

  • Men want to take control

Dr. Saltz, a psychiatrist believed that men want to control and obtain power when it comes to the relationship. And cheating puts the ball back into their court.

Every woman on this planet has a fair share of a story of infidelity. I know many of these ladies  will think that the reasons mentioned above are pure lame and pointless. However, this post is not intended to prove what is morally right or wrong. All of these were derived from scientific research and statistics provided by the experts.

Please comment below what you think about why men cheat.



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