Pros and Cons in using Male Enhancements for Diabetics

irexionmaleenhancements.jpgDiabetes is one of many diseases that cause distress for both men and women. The reason being is that it damages the major organs like heart and kidneys. In fact, diabetics are susceptible to fatal heart diseases. This disease interrupts the normal flow of blood in the nerves and vessels that sends command erection among men.

Diabetic men suffer from abnormal hormone levels that actually affects the sustainability of solid erection. Erectile dysfunction is common among diabetic men, especially those who have Type II diabetes. That’s why male enhancements made available in the market. Some medications for ED can be acquired over the counter without a prescription, some are not.

The most common male enhancement pills that were prescribed to diabetic men are Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. These are synthetic pills that claim 50% effectiveness.

Cialis blocks certain enzymes in the body system that actually is essential in maintaining a solid erection. According to users, this pill can hold up for a maximum of one and half day. However, experts explained the adverse results of this drug as it cause blurry vision. Please take into account that this pill can react to some fruit enzymes, especially grapefruit.

Levitra, on the other hand, promotes blood flow to the nerve ending of the penis, which is essential to penile erection. However, this pill does not enhance sexual drive or libido. Unlike Cialis, its effectivity can only last up to ten hours. But this pill loses its effectiveness when combined with alcohol. Too much consumption of liquor causes difficulties in sustaining erection.

Lastly, Viagra, that is the most common pill among men. Works the same as the pills mentioned above.

Above all, it is more important for men with or without diabetes how this pill works. These male enhancement are produced to serve its purpose in boosting libido as well as sustaining erection.

The pill works by dilating the extracts in the blood vessels, allowing blood flow to the nerve endings of the penis. The brain sends signals to the nerve cells in the penis to produce Nitric Oxide. This nitric oxide is responsible for dilating and expanding the arteries, hence, blood supplication causes an erection.

However, all medicines have adverse side effects. For these synthetic male enhancement pills, the most common effects are the following:

  • Palpitation
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Blurry vision

Diabetes is a serious medical condition. Hence, an utmost precaution in taking any oral medication is necessary.

Alternative male enhancements now take the limelight. iRexion is one of the few natural male enhancements. Since its components are all natural fruit or vegetable extracts, a prescription is not a requirement. You can get the maximum results without compromising your health. Nonetheless, this is a guide that might come in handy, in considering the benefits as well as the catch in the available products in the market.


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