Does aphrodisiac work?


Aphrodisiacs are any consumed substance that triggers sexual drive or libido. However, there is an endless debate all over the world, whether to believe or not.

In 2015 Article via MayoClinic.Org,  Dr. Brent Bauer share his thoughts on aphrodisiacs. In his article, he explains that there is little scientific evidence that supports the effectivity of natural aphrodisiacs. He even warns the public that some “natural” supplements that claims to have an aphrodisiac effect may contain insect or plant extract that can be toxic and harmful to human body.

On the other hand, Aleisha Fetters of  AskMen.Com, believes that you need to eat truckloads of these libido-enhancing food to activate your sexual prowess. Dr. Darius Paduch standpoint is that even the 30% of Viagra’s boner-producing power come from the same placebo effect.

On the contrary, a study from Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, concludes that 80% of 40 men with ED, achieve a solid erection for a just one-month treatment of L-arginine and Pycnogenol extract. Then 92.5% of these men were able to maintain a normal erection after three-month therapy of these nitric-oxide-rich herbs.

There are numerous foods that claim to boost libido. However, most of them have little to NO scientific basis for its effectivity. With this consideration, it is fair enough to conclude that this erogenous food CAN help to stimulate sexual arousal. Since “excitement” starts from the brain, we can say that “placebo effect” verdict from the experts contained half truth. There are chemical compounds from these ‘foods’ that contributes to activate sexual hormones. Let’s take, for example, Oysters.

Oysters are rich in Zinc. Zinc deficiency can lead to impotence for men. Zinc is responsible for controlling progesterone levels for both men and women. Scientifically, progesterone is the essential hormone that is integral in the development of healthy nerve cells, brain, and thyroid function. (Digital, 2013)

With these fact laid, we can conclude that these aphrodisiacs can tingles the brain activity – if consumed regularly and in large amount. The brain can signal the other neighboring parts that make you excited. However, it is better to seek consultation from the professionals to address sexual concern and issues.


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