Mind-blowing Sex Taboos of the 21st Century


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      I’ve read a lot of men’s magazine that tackles about fantasies, confessions, suggestions and what nots. There was one article I came across by Dr. Meg Barker, a sex and relationship therapist that challenges the norms or generally speaking what we perceived to be “normal”. Taboos is colloquially equate to be abusive, unlawful, and disturbing.

To most forums, polls, scientific research I have read about taboos in doing the deed, I was still puzzled on what are the standards to make it right and acceptable. People from the 21st century is certainly adventurous than people from ages. Hence, I still collate the Top 6 of forbidden practices in heavy petting.


  • Anal Sex
    • Myth: Only sluts have anal sex.
    • Truth: Anal sex has been voted the number one taboo sexual behavior that heterosexual couples want to try. So obviously, we can’t all be sluts.
    • Why it’s hot: Men enjoy additional tightness the anus affords comapared to vagina. It tends to be a “treat” mixed into your regular sexual repertoire of play.
  • Period Sex
    • Myth: It can harm the uterus . (Click here for more info)
    • Truth:  During your monthly period, an opening passage was developed for the blood to flow. The common notion is this passage was huge and penis can injure the wall of uterus. Experts ditch the idea, explaining that wang cannot enter the premises for it’s too small for that.
    • Why it’s hot: Women’s hormones are raging as they are surprisingly aroused than any other time.
  • Cuckolding
    • Myth: Unlawful and unhealthy for a relationship
    • Truth: It is the fetish of the millennium
    • Why it’s hot: Sexual pleasure is doing some sort of role play. Sky is the limit!
  • Pegging
    • Myth: It hurts. It was designed for homosexuals especially gay people.
    • Truth: If it’s done correctly, it doesn’t have to be. Straight fetishists have crossed the border of being adventurous.
    • Why it’s hot: It’s not your regular doggie-style that provides deliciously deep penetration, this mattress modification ensures a direct “penile” path to his G-spot.
  • Autoerotic Asphyxiation
    • Myth: It’s lethal.
    • Truth: It is lethal
    • Why it’s hot: Because it 50 Shades of Grey kind of arousal. Masochist felt extra-high when the female partner is battling for survival.
  • Incest Sex
    • Myth: Correlated to molestation, assault, or abuse
    • Truth: Some instances that participants do willingly share with consensus.
    • Why it’s hot:  Forbidden thoughts, forbidden acts are interesting and most often exciting.

It is a given fact that sexual taboos are developing progressively to this very day. No one can actually dictate or has the license to tell you the right and wrongs on your sexual activity. You just have to find your latch who is capable to fulfill your sexual desires. As long as there is a mutual agreement between you two (or more), whatever you do away from public scrutiny, so to speak, is your own business.



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