Under the Knife: Penile Enlargement


Many men are willing to go under the knife to boost their esteem and self-confidence. Many of us aren’t aware that this procedure exists, basically, it is equivalent to boob surgery to women.

Dr. Elliot Heller of Allure Plastic Surgery Centers in New York City has been practicing all types of plastic surgery from top to bottom and everything in between. Dr. Heller believes that these men are eager to impress the women in bed without stretching bones.

In other words, Phalloplasty. Of course, you don’t need this! But in case you’re curious, here’s the gist: You can either make your penis longer or wider. Heller also reveals that most men who have undergone this procedure are either “Asian seamen who are surrounded by different races who loses the gall to compare notes, there are also TV personalities who underwent this procedure.

The bloody details: If you’ve passed the psychiatric evaluation and if you’re smoker who’s willing to quit smoking two months before the procedure, you have two options: widen or lengthen. Widening the girth is easier because one’s own fat is gathered using liposuction and then transferred into the penis.

“It resembles grafting or fat transplant,” Heller explains. This method is done by local anesthesia, but a mild sedative.

The other procedure is the lengthening. There are two ways to do this: 1) Put a silicon implant – or rod, as doctors call it. 2) Cut the ligament at the base of the penis (which suspends it) so it will be able to stretch farther. The implant method takes an hour or more but not exceeding two hours on local anesthesia.

Recovery: The most common question for those interested in Phalloplasty is, “When am I allowed to have sex?” Says Heller. The penis and scrotum are usually swollen and bruised for two weeks but is tolerable especially with the medication. You can already take a shower by the fifth day while sutures are removed seven to ten days after the operation. With the widening of girth, you can already have sexual intercourse by the fifth day. As for the cutting of the ligament, sex is possible in two weeks post-op. But with the implants you have to wait one long month.

Damage: About $3500 to $9500 widening and cutting, and about $25000 for the enlargements using an implant.

My thoughts on this: Plastic Surgery is a billion dollar industry and is expected to double its value for the years coming. First of all, I think that this industry sells not only the service per se but most especially they want to give “hope”  to people. I think it’s cool to have them in full size. But there are a lot of risks that entails with this procedure.

Here are the alternative ways to make your wiener appear bigger without spending a fortune.


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